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Ricky's Dream Trip

Travel to the Ancient Worlds!

Three Ricky Adventures in One

This is a combination of three award-winning Ricky’s Dream Trip books now in one volume with added information for classroom use and at-home activities. Ricky travels to the ancient world through his dreams with his Pop Pop by his side.

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 Ricky travels to the ancient world through his dreams with his Pop Pop by his side. 


Your children will love the games we have added to Ricky's Dream Trip adventures. They will learn about ancient history while having fun.

Pretend Play

Ricky's Dream Trips can become the inspiration for pretend play, an important part of your child's development.


Your child's imagination will soar through Ricky's dream trips. This builds creativity and critical thinking skills.

About the Author

William Stevenson spent much of his career as president of National Tax Consultants, Inc where he distinguished himself as one of the few non-attorneys admitted to practice in front of the United States Tax Court. However, he also earned a Doctorate in Education from Temple University. Although this gave him a full understanding of how children learn, the Ricky’s Dream Trip Books were inspired by his personal experience as a Pop Pop. He wrote the books he would have liked to have for his own grandson and the Ricky’s Dream Trip series was born.

Fall in Love With Reading

Children Love Adventure

Ricky's Dream Trips Open a world of exploration.


Although entertaining, this book teaches real history.

Challenging Activities

This new book has age appropriate activities to encourage thinking.

Child Connection

The book includes ways for parents to engage with their children.

Love and Care

The relationship between Pop Pop and Ricky is warm and safe.

Get Unplugged

The book encourages creative play away from electronics.


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